Garret Pro Pointer Cover.

Here's a handy metal detecting accessory I recently picked up off Ebay. Its a Garret Pro Pointer cover. Must say its a lovely bit of kit. Fits well and keeps the pointer dry and stops sand or mud clogging the speaker holes up. At a cost of £8 and free delivery, money well spent I say. Was a little bit long so I just snipped the end off with scissors.


  1. Great Blog, lots of interesting content and easy to see everything. Good luck with it all, I also use the Deus and its a smashing machine, wish I could say that I have really managed to use it to its full performance! I also have the Pointer but rarely use it, have almost left it behind me in the fields three times! I am down in Exeter soon, running a training course at Exeter Uni on 27th & 28th April, Liam

    1. Many thanks Liam, I'm loving the deus myself and know what you mean about the Pointer, I've had to go look for mine a couple of times myself.
      Hope you have a great trip down this way. I've visited Exeter Uni as that's where our local Flo is based.