Today Metal Detecting.

At last, I managed to get out detecting today. Picked up my Nephew and headed for his permission. It was one of those days that I didn't mind if I found nowt, was just great to get out again at last. Mind you, I was suffering a bit with my right swinging arm. I strained both arms on a job about 6 months ago. They both came out black and blue with bruising and really they have not recovered. Even tho I had my bungee harness on towards the end of the day it was getting painful again. Anyways, Nephew had the best finds of the day including another silver hammered coin more like a love token. A interesting item what looks like a seal, loads of buttons and a couple of other interesting bits.

Me, well, trash aside, I managed to winkle out a box iron slug, rim of a pocket watch, a furniture mount, a grot coin and a plain silver button. The best three items I dug were a Tombac button, a lead bag seal and a diamond shaped badge.

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