Today on the farm.

Today I went metal detecting with my Nephew on his farm permission. It was a pleasant day with full sunshine and all the pasture fields had very short grass, which made for excellent detecting. I've had silver hammered off this site before as well as other good finds but alas, today I never walked over anything great, but had a few bits to keep me interested.

In the picture it shows what must be one of my biggest buckles I have ever found. beside that is I think a lead palm guard. There is a musket ball, a cartwheel penny, a couple of farthings, and a couple of other bits.
The diamond shaped object seems to have a design on and must have looked good in its day. The three-pronged thing I haven't a clue but looks like it was something one time.

It was my Nephew that stole the limelight with his Deus. I was a fair distance from him and could see him on his knees digging away, he seemed to be at it for ages, I thought to myself I bet its a large lump of deep iron...then I hears him call me. I knew then he had found something good. I hurried to him and still on his knees he held up what he had just dug... a bronze age palstave axe head. I wasn't sure what it was but he knew and he confirmed it by getting the internet up on his phone. It could be an early bronze age one dated around 1500 - 1300 BC..... 'ell that's some age. It is a beauty and a joy to see.

The picture shows it on top of the hole with his pinpointer well in the hole, it was a foot deep easy. To think he was the first one to touch it after someone lost it over 3,000 years ago. Unbelievable, this is what makes metal detecting so rewarding.

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