Spotlight on my favourite Metal Detecting sites.

When I have spare time on my hands and for some reason I can't get out metal detecting I boot up the computer and do some what I call indoor detecting by surfing the net looking at different metal detecting sites which abound the internet. All these sites are interesting and have something to offer and by visiting them your sure of a good find. You may not walk away with a silver hammered or a gold brooch, but you will find treasure in knowledge.

Here on this page I have put a spotlight on four of my most favourite metal detecting sites and I am proud to be linked to them. Some of you may have already found these sites but for those that haven't let me tell you they are really worth a visit.

This is an online forum full of detectorists from all walks of life. Here you will find some very experienced people who have been detecting for years and are only to willing to share their knowledge. You can browse most of the site without registering, but to get the full benefit its simple to register and then you can ask questions, upload photos and show the detecting world your own detecting experiences.

A large and professional site full of all sorts of interesting articles relating to and covering all aspects of metal detecting. This site is growing large and is bringing the metal detecting community together. Here you can also get involved by writing articles yourself and even opening your own blog there.

A blog by Dick Stout. A collection of letters, articles and personal entries. His site tells the world what the hobby of metal detecting is all about and he holds no punches. An interesting and sometimes amusing read.

Lovely site with interesting topics and info. I also like this site as it shows how our American cousins go about their metal detecting, their conditions, sites, finds, etc.

You can visit these sites by clicking the headings and believe me, you will have hours of enjoyable reading.

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