Hopeless morning metal detecting on the beach.

The day started off good, the weather was fine and I had the whole day to myself for metal detecting. I chose to go to a fairly local beach at Wembury, only ever been there once before and had a few coppers. Arrived there around 9pm and my heart sunk a bit when I saw the tide had washed in sand and pebbles, it was heaped on top of the beach covered in seaweed. I had taken along my velox and cs4pi, the Velox I was going to use on the dry top of the beach but after seeing that I didn't have much hope. I had a go, looking for spots amongst the seaweed I could detect, but after a couple of hours I only found a few junk finds.

By now the tide had gone out quite a bit, so I returned to my car, had a quick cuppa, and set about the wet sand with my cs4pi. Up and down I went, after 3 hours nothing but junk. As in the photo, I was finding loads of small aluminium pieces and tiny rusty nails and pins. I never even found that 5p piece in the photo, just put that in for size comparison. My body craved just one coin, just to spur me on, but alas, it never came and the junk just kept frustrating me.

I would have thought something would have turned up, its an old village  and gets plenty of people in the summer months. There's an old church on the top over looking the beach and there used to be an old mill right down on the beach.

Anyway, after 5 hours the rot set in, I returned to my car for another cuppa, looked down at the beach, and thought, that's enough. Has to be the first time ever I had given up on a session. You ever had that feeling that this is not your day and may as well pack up,  today was not my day.

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