Club dig.

Yesterday on a club dig I had my first full day metal detecting a ploughed field. The only other time I had ventured onto plough was a while back at a dig with a detecting buddy who invited me along to his permission., but there we had plough, stubble and pasture and I spent too much time field hopping from one to the other. This dig yesterday was only two fields, both ploughed and tho not rolled, they were both lovely and flat and digging was a real treat. It was like walking on a sponge carpet. One of the fields was quite level, not like the usual steep pasture fields I normally detect so was less tiring. really enjoyed that, bring on more ploughed fields I say.

Find wise it was poor, which was a shame, In fact, this was the first time I have returned home without finding at least one coin. I was quite surprised as I was using my Velox One with the large 17.5 inch coil. Nothing really great was found by anyone although I did hear of at least three milled silvers found and a couple of grots. So it wasn't just me, just one of those times I never really walked over anything good.
My total tally of anything recognizable was five buttons and what I think is a lead bag seal. It was a trashy site with plenty of iron objects which kept me busy digging.

I'm sure in the pic is a lead bag seal, never dug one like this before. Its in the shape of ear muffs/headphones flattened.

So I had a great detecting experience on lovely ground, but hardly any finds...oh for a perfect world.

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