Nokta Velox One gives me a better day.

Had to do this post this morning as I was too tired last night from a day of work and running around.
Yesterday was my Birthday so I worked it out in between jobs I could manage to fit in two hours detecting hoping the Treasure God would give me a gift of..well, a decent find at least. Really, he didn't disappoint me as in those two hours I found 3 sixpences, a thruppeny bit, a manky halfpenny, a chain with oddments on and the best find of a silver threepence. Best couple of hours I've had in ages.

The best sixpence was a 1932 George V which I believe is 50% silver,
the other two were both George VI 1940 and  1941. The silver threepence is also a George VI 1941 and in remarkably good condition.

The bracelet chain and attachments I had to scan the hole 3 times to get them all. I think that pendant looking piece was attached to it one time as it came out the same hole. It looks like a portrait of George V on one side while the other side shows a rider on a horse. Not silver that's for sure, looks brassy.

So an enjoyable couple of hours and well worth a return visit to the area, today I hope

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