Another 3 hours out today.

I'm getting this detecting between jobs worked to a fine art now as I managed another 3 hours out today on my wooded pasture with my Velox One. The area I was in was very contaminated with iron most of the time so I kept my standard coil on the Velox. The low iron grunts were coming thick and fast but by moving slowly I managed to winkle some finds out.
One thing I did noticed today detecting the contaminated areas was to keep the IRON switch to ON. I found the recovery speed faster with the iron set to on. See, every trip is a learning curve and I think you can read and ask about settings all you like but to really find out whats best you have to get out there and just 'do it'.
Those are the coins from today, not a good selection. The top row are decimal and the bottom row pre-decimal grots,

I did find 3 nice artifacts which I found interesting. That flat looking object was a leather worker’s cast lead palm guard. One surface is flat and the other is convex with two indentations. The guard would have been wrapped in cloth or held in a pouch, and used to force needles through the tough material, while protecting the user’s palm. The indentations would prevent the needle from glancing off the surface.

I would have loved to have seen that cigarette lighter in its full glory, looks 1930s/40s.

This large heavy rusty iron is another iron block , found four of these so far. They used to get heated up on a stove/range for putting into a box iron to iron clothes. They are known as 'slugs'.

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