First run with my new Nokta Velox One large coil.

I managed to get a couple of hours in detecting this morning in between the heavy showers. The place I went I have been over and over before but just wanted to see if I could winkle anything up with my new large coil.
First thing I did notice was it was heavier, which I expected. If I was doing a full day session I would have needed my detecting harness. It felt awkward at first swinging it but soon settled in to a routine and I was enjoying it.

The three coins I did find gave off lovely digable signals. Ones a penny, a shilling and I'm sure the other is a sixpence. Not much I know but it was old ground I went over and it shows if I do swing over a coin it will sure tell me.

Going over old ground I was surprised how much trash I had missed, near on every few steps I stopped to dig. In the end I ajusted the discrimination which helped and only dug the clear signals. Depth wise I never really seen much difference from my standard coil, just could have been there wasn't anything deep I walked over but I will say the larger coil is very sensitive and when you do get a good signal it blasts out. That penny I found really gave off a strong signal as well as the small sixpence.. Bottle tops were giving off a screeching signal and I soon got to know that sound.

Pinpointing was a problem at first but after a while I was getting quite good at it, being spot on sometimes so I know it will come with experience.

All in all I do need more experience with the big coil, a couple of hours was nowhere long enough and also I need better sites, but it does look promising.

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