Nokta Velox One Large Search Coil.

Just after I bought my Velox One I was out hunting a site I've visited a few times with my Ace 250 where I have found many copper and a few milled silver coins with the Ace. So thought I would go over it again with my new Nokta Velox One to see if I could winkle out some more. That day turned out to be my best metal detecting day so far. As well as finding a few coppers and two milled silvers, I found a gold/silver ring and a gold coin. That was on the 31st of May 2013 and I did a post of that day which you can *read here*.

I was so excited and buzzing about that day I submitted my story to the Nokta Website under the heading 'Success Stories'. The short story I submitted to the Nokta Website you can *read here*.

Now if Nokta chose your story and printed it on their Website you received a $500 gift voucher to spend on any Nokta products. I was lucky enough to have my story printed and received a $500 gift voucher which I spent on the large Velox search coil and a Nokta RS PinPointer with Evergreens Detectors UK.

My coil and pinpointer arrived today and now I can't wait to get out and use them. Hoping to get out at the weekend so will post about how I get on.

The big 15.3" x 17.7" looks a lot bigger in the flesh, wow its huge. Here is a pick of the standard coil and the large coil, some difference side by side. The Nokta pinpointer looks a sturdy bit of kit too.

I would like to say a big thank you to Nokta and Evergreens for their great communication and products and giving me a couple of early Christmas presents.

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