Got myself a C.Scope CS4PI.

Because of work commitments I've not been out properly metal detecting at all this month. But I have had a nice find. On a metal detecting forum which has a auction site I managed to be the highest bidder on a C.Scope CS4PI. Chuffed to bits as I got it for a very good price and have wanted this machine for a long time. Living right on the South Coast of Devon I have many beaches within an hours drive, so it makes sense to get myself a proper beach detector.
This machine completes my arsenal now, well, for the time being. I have my Ace 250 with standard coil and 13" Ultimate coil as a back-up machine, my Nokta Velox One with the standard coil and the large coil as main land machine, and now the C.Scope 4PI for the beach machine. All I need now is some time to get out there detecting.

It seems to be a very easy machine to understand, not too much messing about with settings etc, so thought it would make an ideal first P.I. machine. I've read that some detectorists even use it on land once they have scanned the area first with their land metal detector, just to see if there is anything deeper that they had missed. Also read to be prepared to do a lot of digging because of the no discrimination on a P.I. machine, so I'm prepared for that.


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