C.Scope CS4PI and Land Detecting.

Working out my work rota this morning I found I had a long gap in between two jobs. Right I thought, I've not been out detecting for ages and worked it out that I could go for 3 hours. I didn't want to go far as to waste time traveling so I came up with an idea on a local spot I detect on.

Have you ever read on a forum or in a mag about how a PI metal detector is no good on land because it has no discrimination which means you will have to dig everything. Or, it may be ok if you have a very quiet field or you have cleared all the top junk away and just want to check if you missed anything deeper. Well, I have read that often and always thought it wouldn't bother me, I mostly dig everything anyway so a bit more digging won't matter.

Anyway, my idea this morning was to take my newly bought C.Scope cs4pi which I got from an auction for a good price and give it a go detecting a land site I have been detecting on for ages. I arrived there full of anticipation of some good deep finds as this machine is supposed to go deeeeeeeep. This was only my second time with this machine and the first time was just an hour in my garden.

So I set the machine up as best as I knew and started swinging. Was far too noisy so played around with the settings a bit. Nope, to much noise so played with settings again. This went on for like 20 minutes and was starting to do my head in. I switched the machine off, sat down for a ciggy and thought, 'ell, what have I bought.

Then it dawned on me, could all this noise be targets, after all, it wasn't a consistent noise. wasn't like BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP, more BEEP BEEP    BEEEEP  BEEPBEEP BEEP.
I got up and had another go this time trying to isolate a signal which I did. Dug it and boy it was deep, easy 10" to a foot. It was a bit of flat iron. WOW I thought, they are targets and started digging more. Some of these targets were over a foot deep and were hard going. After the first few inches of topsoil it was hard packed and I was struggling to get through it.

After about an hour I had had enough, was sweating like a pig and thought at this rate I won't be fit for work later. I had only covered a few square feet. So knocked it on the head and came home. Everything I dug was trash. I didn't realize how much trash we discriminate out on our detectors.

So take it from me, next time you read about how a PI machine is not really fit for land, belive it.
But will say how a PI machine must come into its own on the wet sand where contamination is sparse. Just can't wait now to try it on the wet, plus digging sand is a lot more easier than compact clay soils.

Right, that's it, just wanted to get that off my chest, hopefully next time you read of my experience with this machine its about some decent finds I have made from the wet sand.
Off to get ready for work now....dam.

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