Coin Shooting with my Nokta Velox One large Coil.

Finished working this morning at 11am and my next call out job was at 5pm this evening, so I didn't miss the opportunity to grab 4 hours detecting. I just went to a local area where I have found lots of decimal and older coins before and is good for a spot of coin shooting. Plus a good spot for learning my new large coil.
Wasn't long before I was into the coins and they started to come fast. As usual nothing really old came up but in total I dug 41 coins. In decimal £2.58 and in pre-decimal a shilling, 3 threepenny bits, 3 pennies and a halfpenny.
I was amazed I missed all these coins before and the larger coil sure helped.
This site is well contaminated with tin, silver paper and other trash, all chopped up by grass cutting machines over the years, even some coins come up cut to bits like the 3 in the photo.

After playing about with the settings I settled on all the 5s,,,Ground Balance at 5, Iron Disc at 5 and Sensitivity at 5. On these settings I found the most coins even tho I still dug a lot of trash. If i didn't have to stop because of work I'm sure I would have found a lot more.

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