No Detecting At The Moment

Well, I have not been metal detecting for nearly two weeks now and I'm going stir crazy. This is all because of a new job. Being as it is a new job and I want to make an impression,  I have been excepting anything they throw at me, no matter what the hours. Its one of those jobs where I can be very busy one week, and hardly any work the next. At the moment its all go go go. Hoping there will be a lean time soon so I can get out detecting. Until then all I can do in between working and sleeping is put up here snippets of breaking news headlines as I find them.

What I am looking forward to with this new job is after a couple of wage packets I will be able to get myself the C.Scope 4pi I've promised myself. Living on the coast with plenty of beaches within easy driving distance a Pulse Induction machine would be ideal. That will complete my set up as I will then have my Garret Ace 250 as a back-up machine, my Nokta Velox One as main land machine and the C.Scope 4pi as my beach machine.

Accessory wise I also want a long handled beach scoop and one of those jagged edge knives/trowel things, not sure what they call them or even know if they sell them in this country.

Anyways, until then I have to keep working away as you know these things don't come cheap. Hope your all managing to get out detecting and finding the goodies, all I can do at the mo is read about them.

Happy Hunting,

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