Metal Detecting Finds

I started metal detecting in August 2012, so after one years detecting I thought I would have a look at my finds for the year. I've put up a few photos here and am not sure if its been a good or bad year find wise compared to other detectorists, but I will say I have enjoyed this first year and am proud of what I have found. Looking back the highlight of my year had to be the finding of a Gold Five Dollar Coin which you can read about in my best finds section on this blog. I've had a few silver hammered, the best one being the Charles the Bold which again you can view in my best finds section. This post is mainly about all the more common finds one makes while detecting. The finds that keep us going and inspire us.

First of all what to do with all the 'grots' one accumulates over time. I like to keep mine in a 'grot' bucket. After all they are all coins from a bygone era and its just nice to see them mounting up. All those pennies, half pennies, farthings, three penny bits etc. Sometimes I will sit down and go through them, trying to identify some of the better ones,  you never know, under all that crud there might be a little gem sitting there.

One common find that keeps turning up are shells and bullets. The picture shows empty shell casings, bullet heads and musket balls of all sizes. With these finds please be careful as I have found live shells and are very dangerous. With live ammo, either take to the police or bury them even deeper. Treat them as they might go off as they can possibly do.

A heap of buckles here, they keep turning up. These are all mostly the same type. Just wish I could find a really old one as they are more decorative and would make a fine collection. .I've seen some real beauties found. Still, who knows what the next year will bring and I do like to find a buckle mind, shows there have been human activity in the area.

Now buttons I do like a lot. These few I have cleaned up a bit to show off the designs. Mainly livery buttons of the armed forces but any sort of button can turn up and they sure can make a lovely collection. if I don't find anything else but only a livery button, I'm happy.

Another common find is the old horse boss. Horse bosses were attached to the straps of a horse's harness and all shapes and sizes can turn up. This little lot here are not too exciting but that one at the bottom showing an outstretched arm holding a cross is my favourite.

As you can see in this picture, you just never know what may turn up. At first it may look like a pile of junk, but in amongst it are some old finds of interest. There's a lead weight, a jew's harp, a barrel tap to name a few. All a part of the history of our ancestors showing how they lived and worked.

This picture shows some modern finds that can turn up. few badges there, pidgeon rings, lead animals and bits and pieces. Always nice to find to keep the interest going.

Believe it or not, all these lead fishing weights came from one metal detecting session. They just kept popping up everywhere, if it wasn't for the tide coming in I reckon I could have doubled that lot.

Now, this is what metal detecting is mainly all about, the Treasure. This lot were all found in this my first year. As I said before, my best find is that gold coin. There are a couple of hammered in there as well as a few milled silvers. Some gold and silver rings and silver pendants.
During this year I have had one treasure find that is still with the FLO. It is a silver spoon dated 1712, still waiting to hear on that one.

Well, I've really enjoyed my first years metal detecting, and hope you all have had a good year yourselves. Its all out there, as the saying goes you just have to walk over it first. Right, lets see what this second year brings.


  1. Congrats on all the great finds! I'm from the US so don't recognize many of those coins but silver is silver anywhere you find it =)

    1. Hi there, Too right, always nice to find some silver. Many a time I search out sites from other countries to see what is being found. I see you have had a nice haul yourself, well found.