Manage 3 hours this morning.

Such a lovely day today and I managed to get out detecting for 3 hours. I have to cut short my detecting time at the mo because of a new job where I have to work early evenings.Dam inconvenient, but I suppose we have to eat. Plenty of digging, plenty of trashy stuff but I did manage to winkle out 4 Sixpences of Queen Elizabeth II, which are pretty tarnished. You can tell the poor silver content that went into making these sixpences.  A Viccy penny, you can just make out the profile of her as a young bun head. 3 decimal coins, a half pence, a 1p and the large 5p. A nice button with a cannon on and a  military badge. That other object looks like some sort of furniture fitting.

Also, which I'll be interested to find out for sure, I'm normally miles out but I think I may have found 2 Bronze tools. They came up side by side and its the flatter one that caught my eye. In one picture there I have tried to capture what I think is the cutting edge, how sharp it is and you can see that it was worked by the stripe lines. When i hold it my thumb fits in the lower groove perfectly and my first finger fits the upper groove for a perfect hold for scraping or cutting. I say they are made of bronze only because I know its not iron, brass or copper, so I assume its bronze. The top object is just under 3" long and the bottom one just under 2.5" long.
Pictures can be clicked for bigger view.

As I said, I'm normally miles out as my imagination runs away with me sometimes, but I just can't help thinking they are man made so if anyone has any idea or seen similar before please let me know.
I will do my best to find out for sure.

***UPDATE***... I put these pictures up on a metal detecting forum and I had one reply saying, " Looks to be bronze melt run off".... oh well, my bubble's burst, I really thought I had something very interesting... maybe next time.

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