Out again today

Had another few hours out detecting again today with an early afternoon till early evening session. Again I went to the same spot as yesterday and again I found stuff. Nothing really old but as long as I find things I'm happy. I'm really getting to grips with my Velox One now and understanding what its telling me.

Take today, there is a very contaminated area next to some foundations which used to be a large shed type of building. The area around it is full of bits glass with that wire mesh inside the glass, plus loads of nails, screws and trashy bits. Always steered clear of this area but today I went over it. I set the discrimination to all the way up to 10, turned the iron off and gave it a go.

The noise coming through my headphones was making me smile, all spits and spats with pips and crackling, what a row. I moved slowly trying to home in on a decent signal and every so often I was able to pick out a crisp clear signal. Just goes to show how good the recovery speed on the Velox is. I noticed I wasn't digging any small ferrous metals, only large bits of iron I managed to pull out an old penny and halfpenny and a couple of decimal coins. This was a good learning curve for me for the future when I encounter the same sort of contaminated ground.

As you see in the pictures, nothing very exciting. There's some decimal coins, old pennies and halfpennies, a threepeny bit, buttons, costume brooch, back of a pocket watch and I don't know what that large contraption is.

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