My Finds Today

I had a phone call from my Nephew around 2.30 this afternoon and he tells me he is down the Pony Farm detecting and that they had  cleared a large area of bushes and brambles etc.. He told me he had already found lots of old pennies, half pennies, threepenny bits and a couple of sixpences. Come on over he says.. I was with him within 15 minutes. 

They really had cleared a large area giving us some fresh hunting ground. I set my detector up and started detecting. Fist couple of signals I left, I dug one single and it was trash. The next signal was a beuty, dug it and up pops a George VI Defence Medal. I was chuffed to bits, only been there for 15 minutes. That's pictures of it at the top there. You can click the pictures for a larger view. Only cleaned it with rain water and a soft toothbrush so far. I don't think its valuable so I might give it a good shine up so i can enjoy the detail better.

In the 4 hours I spent there I also found some decimal coins, a few pennies and halfpennies, a florin,
3 Sixpences one of which is a George V., some odds and ends and what I thought was a copper washer. Turns out it's a British West Africa 'One Half Penny'.

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