Metal Detecting For Your Health

Thinking about my last detecting session a few days ago, I was out for a good seven hours solid detecting. I stopped a few times for a drink or chat, but add that time up and I bet it came to about half an hour. So I could say I was walking, stooping, digging, refilling holes and carrying and swinging my machine and also carrying my backpack solid for six and a half hours.Think about it, would you walk about your town for 4-6 hours a day as you know walking is good for you. How boring that would be, yet, shove a metal detector in our hands and we'll walk about till the cows come home.

This makes you wonder how healthy metal detecting can be for us. Lets have a look at the good points, this is a list I have come up with.

 Hobbies are good for you, its a well known fact. Just google the sentence, "Why are hobbies good for you", and you will be inundated with sites explaining why. Showing you all the benefits for your mind, body and well being in a scientific way discovered by medical studies.

The hobby of metal detecting can be a solitary or a social hobby. You can switch between the two as and when you like.

Metal detecting takes you outdoors. Mostly we detect out in the open countryside or a beach. All that lovely fresh air we breath in and if its sunny, our bodies are getting much needed Vitamin D. I found out that our bodies can't store Vitamin D so we need to get it from food we eat or the sun. This Vitamin is very important for our health and mood.

Metal detecting encourages you to get moving and walk. We've been told how important it is to move so while your out detecting, walking, climbing, stooping, carrying gear, you are doing a good aerobic exercise and toning up your body.

Metal detecting can be quiet and peaceful. Your out detecting and concentrating, not thinking about all the everyday worries and stresses going on in the world. Your in a little world of your own. Now that's got to be like a form of yoga, giving your mind a rest and helping to relieve stress.

We are always being told by our doc's to live a more healthy lifestyle and us detectorists have found the perfect way.  So next time your out detecting think about how your health is benefiting and if you do get a nice find, well,  its a bonus. It would be interesting if anyone else knows of any other benefits we get from metal detecting, please let us all know so we can add it to the list.

Happy Heathy Hunting,


  1. I believe that a lot of detectorists would admit that they feel the benefits of walking the fields or beaches all day !, i know i do. It's also a hobby that Hones your senses too, listening for those Pops Grunts and Tweets that determine a good or bad signal.
    I'm pleased that i'm not one of those poor kids that end up sitting in their bedrooms all day playing GTA !, they're the ones that end up with all the Bugs and Colds, i'm glad i was born when there wasn't any of those Crap TV Games, we'd be outside all day making our own entertainment.

    Great post mate, keep it up . .

    1. Thanks Alex, and that was a good point you hit on regarding bugs and colds. It can't be good for anyone to be indoors most of the day. You have to be outside, exposing yourself to the environment, we have evolved that way.

  2. Nice post buddy...generally RZ, LiquiMag, GLS metal detector are using for food inspection. Your post sharing more information it's helpful to Kontrols & Industrial Weighing.