Just Been Out For 3 Hours

I have just got back in from 3 hours detecting, just enough time to get this post up before I get ready for work.

Only been to my local haunt and did manage a few finds. My pro-pointer started playing up, think it needs a new battery. Once again, nothing very old came up but as long as I make a couple of finds I'm happy.

 In coins I only found decimal, a large 10p, three 1p and a 5p. Found another pistol ball and what looks like a bullet of some kind, its more cylinder shape. Two buttons which I like, one a R.N.H. and the other a Devon Constabulary. That small thick ring is a  pidgeon ring, a skull, a Unicorn which is part of a badge and a tiny Gucci button. Also a bronze/copper ring, looks like a three leaf clover pattern. Anyway, was an enjoyable 3 hours and would be still there now if it wasn't for work.

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