My Metal Detecting Finds Today

Managed to cram in 3 hours metal detecting today. I did the full edges of a field, detecting  from the boundary out about 5 metres  all the way round. Kept the coil low and slow and dug anything that did not give off the low iron tone.

Finds were few and far between again and all I could winkle out were 5 pennies, a farthing, couple of buckles, some buttons and a bad condition coin which I believe to be a rose farthing. Can't make nothing out on one side of it and just a little detail on the other. Its size is 20mm. I'm going to put this one up on a metal detecting forum to see if anyone can confirm its a rose farthing.

Couple of those pennies came out a good 9-10 inches deep, I was pleased with that. I've yet to find anything really old off this site yet but as always its good fun searching.

Just had an email that we have a club dig this Sunday on a farm so I'm looking forward to that one.

Well, I put what I thought maybe a rose farthing up on a forum and a couple people got back to me saying it looks more like a button.
Oh well, better luck next time.

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