A news article published yesterday had the shivers running down my spine. The article was about a man who came across an unexploded bomb while out metal detecting. You can read about it by clicking this link:

Oh my!, What was he thinking. Maybe he was new to metal detecting and didn't know what he had found, but common sense should have prevailed here. If you come across any suspicious object you must leave it well alone, mark the area and contact the police and land owner. He not only dug it out, he took it home. Endangering himself and a lot of other people. Thankfully, it all turned out well and the bomb was safely detonated, but the thought of what could have happened doesn't bare thinking about. This has happened a few times, on my related links page there are a few examples along similar lines.

This story and others like it can be damaging to our hobby. There are some people out there who would like to see metal detecting banned and you can bet they will use this incident, as well as the others as a weapon in their fight to bring this ban about. You may be thinking why am I publicizing it, why not just leave it alone so it gets forgotten about. Why give the metal detecting haters more ammo. Well, first of all the story has made a headline in a newspaper so its been well publicized. Secondly, I think human life is more important than a news story and this article can, and will make more people aware of the dangers one can encounter whilst out metal detecting. They say metal detecting is 20% skill and 80% luck. This chap had the 80% luck on his side...This time.

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