Club Dig Today

We had a club dig today Started about 9.30am and we were told that we all had to be off the land by 3.30pm, i think the land owner had guests arriving after that time. so a short day really. Mind you, in this heat it was long enough, felt quite drained at the end and bitten to pieces by them pesky horse flies.

My finds for the session were not brill. It was one of those days where a few good finds were made by some, and the others nothing hardly.

The best find of the day came from a fellow member of our club, he only went and dug a Gold Victorian Sovereign, oooooooooh it was a beauty with lovely detail, very well done to him. I took a quick photo of it but the photo don't do it justice.

Also a club member had a lovely silvered hammered coin, another had a bullhead shilling and another had a silver threepence. I heard of a small gold brooch found also. A few coppers turned up too.

My finds are in the photo there. The only interesting find I made was that big acorn looking thing. It stands 3" tall and 1.75" at the widest point. Made of solid lead and very heavy. Seems to have a small hole running down through it. Now I was told it is a steelyard weight, but will have to do some research to find out for sure. The signal from it nearly blew my ears off.

Not a bad old day really, its always nice to get out swinging.

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