Detecting This Morning

Grabbed 3 hours detecting this morning. Was lovely to be out in the sunshine and fresh air, but find wise was  pretty poor. All I managed were some more decimal, an old penny and halfpenny. Also a very tiny badge. Its a vintage blood donor's badge. To show how tiny it is its sat on a 1p coin.
Still, we can't expect gold every time we go out, that's metal detecting for you.

I give all the modern decimal coins a quick clean and pop them in a jar. They soon mount up. When the jars full I take them to a supermarket where they have those machines where you pop them in and gives you a receipt and I put that towards my grocery shopping.


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    1. Hi Mike, Thank you for your nice comment. I've had a look at your website and must say I love the Ace 250. It was my first detector and I found loads with it. Even tho I now use a Nokta Velox One I still have my Ace 250 as a back up machine.

      Happy Hunting,