Nokta Velox One Review

VELOX ONE Technical Specifications

Operating Principle : Induction Balance
Operating Frequency : 17.5 KHz
Metal Identification : Audio warning
Audio Discrimination : 3 tones
Sensitivity Setting : Manual
Ground Balance : Manual
Search Coil : 28cm (11'') waterproof Double-D
Battery : Rechargeable Lithium Polymer
Headphone Output : 1/4'' mono
Length : 125-145cm (49''-57'') extendable
Weight : 2.0kg (4.4lbs) including the search coil


   A really good in depth review of the Nokta Velox One by Andy Sabisch, who is a very experienced detectorist can be found by clicking this following link:

I've had my Nokta Velox One now for 10 months and I thought I would write a little review. I'm not saying a review where I'm trying to sell it or convince you to rush out and buy one, but a review on why I like it. Above the Velox pic is a very good review done by a very experienced detectorist.

In a nutshell, I like the Nokta Velox One very much. It does what it says on the tin. Mind you, I'm not experienced in a lot of machines, this is only my third one. My first detector was a Garret Ace 250, great little machine for the money and found lots with it. One day I decided to upgrade and keep the Ace 250 as a back-up machine. I bought a Garret AT Pro which I just couldn't get on with, it wasn't the machine for me so sold it and looked for something else. After looking at several machines I kept getting drawn back to looking at the Velox One.

There were not many reviews about it as its a fairly new machine on the market, but it seemed to have all the things I was looking for. An easy switch on and go machine with not too much faffing around with programes and settings.
As I said, being a new machine out on the market it was a bit of a gamble as its not really been tried and tested by the masses.  The few reviews that were out there kept me interested and one day, I thought in for a penny in for a pound, and bought one.

I have found the Velox One to be just what I was looking for. It's very well made, looks good and simple to set up the controls. Really a switch on and go machine. Ground balancing was easy and after a few seconds of switching on I have it running silent. The signals are good and clear, its easy to distinguish between the low iron grunt of ferrous metal and the good signal of a possible good find. The Velox does have three tones but I only listen for the iron grunt, any signal other than that one I dig it then I'm sure I have not left a possible good target behind. Depth wise, well, some Velox videos show tremendous depths, I haven't found this. Bearing in mind when a company selling their detectors they set up perfect ground conditions to show the depths. Under perfect ground conditions I think those depths can be found.

I'm not complaining mind, I've been very pleased with the depths I have been getting. I've had old pre-decimal pennies around 10 - 12 inches which matches most other machines in the high end price range. Also the Velox will pick up the smallest of objects.  Weight, its a bit heavier than my Ace 250, but to me its a small price to pay for all the other benefits. If I'm feeling weak I always have my detecting harness.

The recovery speed on the Velox One is fantastic and the battery life amazing. Signals are easy to tell the difference between ferrous and non-ferrous metals. With the Iron turned off you can't hear the small iron in the ground but any good target comes through loud and clear. But just like on any machine tho, large iron will get through.

Out in the field before I start detecting I set up all the controls as stated in the manual which is:
Machine off
Sensitivity 10 
Iron Disc FS
Ground Balance 1
Iron Off
Signal Audio 1
Now for a switch on and go detector all you have to do is ground balance and maybe adjust the sensitivity.
My normal routine is as follows:
From the settings above I raise the coil in the air,  switch on and wait for the second beep.
I lower the coil to a patch of ground free of any metal objects and swing side to side.
Any ground effect noise heard while swinging I start turning the ground balance control up from 1 until the ground effect noise stops.
When silent I start detecting in the normal way and if there is more noise heard I start turning the sensitivity control down until it runs silent again.
That,s all there is to it. Discrimination is taken care of in the FS (Factory Setting) position.

I have found 90% of the time I am running my machine like so:
Sensitivity 8-9
Iron Disc FS
Ground Balance 6-7.

Once you are a little more experienced with the machine you can bring into play all the controls and tweek them to suit yourself.
For instance, in heavy iron contaminated areas or on the wet sand of a beach I have found by turning the Iron Disc all the way up to 10 and the sensitivity at 8 or 9 with the Iron turned off I can still come across good targets to dig.

In a nutshell I am enjoying my Velox One. Every time I go out hunting I'm confident I will find something and do. My biggest problem is permissions, don't really have any of my own and rely on detecting buddies, club digs or the beach for my detecting. Saying that, have a look at my Blog and see what I am finding, I think I'm doing ok myself.

Happy Hunting,

I've finally decided to change detectors solely because of issues I am having with my arms. Briefly, six months ago I started a new job, it involved a lot of carrying of heavy loads and a couple of months into this job I strained both arms, they came out black and blue with bruises and they have never been the same since. I packed that job in and was lucky enough to find another job lighter on my arms. It effected my metal detecting by after every session I would get pains running down my right arm, I'm right handed. At first the pain would only last a day or two, but now its ever present. Its painful now after yesterdays session,  just lifting my arm to use the mouse while typing this, so I have to do something. I have a bungee harness I used on my Velox and Ace 250 which has helped a great deal, but to be honest, I hated being tied to a machine, bad enough with the headphones.

What I needed was the lightest detector going and after having a try on my nephew's XP Deus, well, what can I say, it was like holding a feather, also being cordless is an added bonus. I knew then this is what I needed. So I have started the ball rolling to get myself an XP Deus. I've enjoyed my main machine the Nokta Velox One. If it wasn't for my arms I would not be changing machines and will be disappointed to see it go.
I'm hoping to do a trade in deal to get a Deus, just waiting to hear back from the dealer now.


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