My First Silver George V Half Crown

Rushed the stuff I had to do at home this morning as I knew it was going to be a warm afternoon. It did turn out a pleasant day and I managed to get 4 hours detecting in. As usual on my site nothing really old came out but I did have a find of the day, that being a silver George V Half Crown dated 1929. This was my first George V Half Crown.

As you see in the photo,
I now have the George V Half Crown, to go with my other George V coins that I have found in the past,  Florin, Shilling, Sixpence and silver Threepence. Makes a nice set. Also found some grot coins, 4 pennies, 2 halfpennies, and a threepenny bit.

You can see the state the half crown came up in but as usual with these milled silvers a gentle wash with a toothbrush and it come up lovely.
Shame the copper coins didn't.

Just had to take that photo of the ponies. I was on my way home and had to stop to let that oncoming car through as the ponies were just standing there in the road. They just wouldn't move so had to drive around them.

I was pleased with my Velox One today. As it was dry I was able to run it on full Sensitivity, Iron Disc at FS, Ground Balance at 5, Iron on and Signal Audio at 1. It ran like a dream. Since I last charged the battery up I have had a total of 14 hours on this charge, and its still showing 3 lights on the indicator meaning I still have a few hours left yet. Mind you, I will fully charge it for Sunday's club dig, because if the site turns out good and I'm finding stuff I will stay all day and night.

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