Metal Detecting Forums & Clubs.

One of the best resources for metal detecting knowledge you can have at your finger tips is the internet Metal Detecting Forums. Just type in google search 'Metal Detecting Forums' and you will be able to find some great sites. There are large forums with many members and there are smaller forums with not many members but all have something to offer. If you have not yet joined a forum I suggest you do.

The wealth of information that can be found about our hobby is fantastic. I remember when I found my first hammered coin. It was a very worn and all you could make out on it was a couple of faint letters and just a hint of a bust on the obverse side. It was also bent a bit.  I knew it was a hammy because I had seen lots of them in other peoples collections. With mine I had no clue where to start to try and identify it. I popped a photo of it up on a forum with a bit of text saying where i found it, with what machine etc, and within seconds, and I mean seconds, someone had replied to my post and told me it was a William 3rd Silver Sixpence Love Token. Date c.1689 - 1702. That's a photo of it above.

What I love about the forums is that 99% of the members are people like you and me, just out to enjoy metal detecting and like to share our hobby with others. To me its like joining an on line Metal Detecting Club. You can make some good friends and even meet them on metal detecting rallies. Also as I said, you can learn a lot, identify your finds and even get some good advice on things like choosing a machine, what others think of a certain machine, really any question you may have can be answered by someone who has encountered that same problem or experience themselves and are only to willing to pass on any info.

Metal Detecting Clubs are also great for obtaining knowledge. Also a club will hold regular digs once or twice a month so there's always somewhere to go detecting. Our club for example meets once a month on a Wednesday evening and normally we have two club digs, on every second Sunday. At the meetings its a good chance to chat to fellow detectorists about different metal detectors, which one they use and what they think about it. Some members bring along their finds to show. Most clubs also hold monthly competitions at the meeting, best coin, best artifact, best beach find, etc.

A metal detecting club is a great way to socialize with like minded people and a beginner to the hobby will learn a lot.To find out if there is a club in your area just do a quick google search on the internet. If I was looking for a club in Devon I would type in google, 'metal detecting clubs in Devon'.

Some clubs get full and you may have to go on a waiting list. If that's the case you can bet there are other people in your area waiting to join so why not start your own club. There's plenty of info on the net how to go about it. I remember a post on a metal detecting forum once where the poster asked if there was anyone  interested in joining a new club in Devon as he was thinking of starting one up. Within a few hours he had over 20 people reply that they would like to join.

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    1. Hi there, I wish I could make metal detecting my job. Your a lucky person having a job that you really love doing. Good luck with it.