Days Metal Detecting

Don't know how I'm managing to type this I'm so tired. A detecting buddy invited me up to his permission today and we detected for a good 9 hours. Up and down fields, jumping across streams, climbing stiles. All this in very warm sunshine. You know what, I enjoyed every minute of it. Was great to get on to some proper farm fields for a change.

Find wise was not too exciting, nothing came up where we could do the Hammy dance, but my buddy did find a lovely button which turned out to be our find of the day. Both of us found a few coppers and bits and pieces so we were kept pretty busy digging.
You know what its like, you get a lovely signal and as your digging your thinking what it might be, is it gold, maybe silver, hope its a coin.... oh booger, its a bit of lead. Its the anticipation that drives us isn't it.

Below is a photo of my best finds for today, as I said, nothing great, but as always I enjoyed the hunt.

Below my buddies button find. Possibly 17th century.

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