Silver Florin

I went out detecting after lunch today in glorious sunshine again. Mind you the ground was baked hard with all this warm weather, but I,m not complaining,. If I hear a nice signal I,d get a jack hammer to get it out if needed.
Loads of must dig signals again today, lots of junk and them pesky bullet shells. After near on 5 hours I had some good finds, the best being a Silver George V Florin dated 1935. Lots of buttons, a few old pennies and halfpennies, couple of threepenny bits, and some other bits shown below.
Nothing was deep, mainly just 2-4 inches. Also again, nothing really old.

Here's the total finds I brought home,

The Florin has great detail, pleased with that one as I love these milled silver. A George V dated 1935. That's my fifth George V and they seem to come out the ground in lovely condition.

Here's a tiny buckle, smallest I have ever found. A lead button which I believe is a ladies Hem/Dress weight which are sewn around the bottom of their dresses to help keep the dress hanging down. Also a round token thing which I will have to research, it says SILOO on it.

Two buttons. The left one I am going to have to research, I've seen it before but I forget. The right one is The Royal Sussex Regiment.
Now this weird looking hollow bulb shaped object is I think is a horse whip top. If you look carefully you can see a shape of a rearing horse on it. Under the horse I'm sure it says KING.

This heavy round abject must be something to do with the military as you can see WD. (War Department).
Found lots of these today. *EDITED*... Turns out they are the screw-in bottoms of Hand Grenades.
YIKES!!!!!, hope there's no live ones around.

*TIP*... Reading posts on a metal detecting forum last night I came across a good tip for Ground Balancing the Nokta Velox One that I would like to share for you. I tried it myself today and it works great. Not sure if it will work with other machines but worth a try. Set up your machine in the normal way as you do before ground balancing. Below are the settings I use:-

Sensitivity 10
Iron Disc FS
Ground Balance 1
Iron Off
Signal Audio 1.

Now, Switch on holding the coil waste high, after the second beep lower the coil onto a patch of ground free from any buried  metal objects underneath. Now just gently tap the coil on the ground and slowly turn the Ground Balance knob until the machine is silent. That's all there is to it, away you go detecting. Once moving and it sounds a bit 'chirpy', just turn the Sensitivity knob down a notch or two. Of course you can now set your Discrimination settings but I like to leave the setting at FS, put the Iron on and dig every signal but for the low iron grunt. Ok, I dig a load of junk, but in amongst it I find some interesting stuff.

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