Back at Gold Spot

Picked my Nephew up this morning and we headed to the land where I found the Gold coin Friday. I found the exact spot and we started detecting around and out from it. It wasn't to be, no more gold coins found, but worth a go. We carried on detecting for a few more hours and both of us were finding decimal, pre decimal coppers and a few bits and pieces.
The best find of the day came from my nephew. We were walking side by side down a track way, me on the right, and him on the left. I seen him stop and he began to dig. I stopped and hovered around out of interest to see what he had found. He pops out a copper penny. Nice i says and carries on detecting. He fills the hole in and pops back the turf, before he left it he gave the hole a final sweep to make sure nothing else was there. Low and behold he gets another signal. he redug the hole and I went back to see what else he had found. Jammy git only went and pulled out a lovely silver half crown dated 1920. That's it in his hand.

This was my haul for the day. Nothing exciting, but was good fun finding the stuff.

We also came across an old bottle dump. It looked as if it had been dug before, but how deep and wide remains to be seen, We are going to dig it one day. The broken glass and pottery laying about sure points it to being an old dump. Broken codds, ginger beers, all sorts.

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