Another Silver Florin

Yesssss!!!!!,  Managed to get out this afternoon for a few hours. The weather cleared up nicely. I had plenty of digs, old pennies, halfpennies, decimal, and another nice silver George V Florin dated 1936. As always  the Florin came out the ground in splendid condition. That must be the 6th or maybe 7th George V Florin I've found now. The tally in coins came to 36 and what with those loads of shells and trash stuff I dug my back is a bit aching. I must be getting old.

As I said above, dug loads of those bullet shells again. One time I found about 10 all in a tiny area, they are everywhere and the signal they give off you just have to dig them just in case its a nice find.

This time tho I found a larger one. You can see the size of it in the pictures. I'm going to keep this one and clean it up. I'm not sure what this type of shell is, will have to do some research but I can make out some markings on the end. I'm sure it says SP 50. A lethal looking thing.

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