Today at Slapton Sands.

Set off early this morning for a day at Slapton Sands on the South Devon coast. The weather was lovely all day and i even got a bit of sunburn on my arms.
This beach is not sand but shingle. I noticed a long cut which I have tried to show in pic. Half my finds came from this area. That red thing in the pic is my home made sand scoop made from a plastic petrol can, does the job excellent on this shingle beach.

slapton sands
Slapton Sands
I then moved up onto the dry shingle and found the rest of my finds. Managed a total of £7.76 in spends and some odds and ends. Was very pleased how the Volex One performed again. I'm starting to really like this machine.

In amongst that lot is the button pictured below. I find it very interesting as it says "GREAT SEAL OF THE STATE OF OKLAHOMA 1907". It seems to be made of lead or maybe pewter and is surrounded I think with Bakelite. A nice button.


  1. Wow, never seen Slapton so flat in all my years fishing there!

  2. Hi Sam,
    Looking out to sea, this is the left hand side of the beach. If I took a shot of the right hand side it would show the beach as steep as ever. I tried to capture the cut that runs from the top of my machine for about 100 yards. As we know the beach can change over night and go back to being steep again.

  3. hi,
    great site,just purchased a metal detector and saw you at slapton yesterday (my lady and I walked past you with a metal detector), I went to find my gold ring I lost a month ago and we found it! beginners luck, looking at your finds I googled your button and there seems to be buttons with `oklanoma` on them as well,cant make out whether yours is a `n` or a `h`. interesting to know about it.
    new hobby for us and looking forward to exploring, we will say hi, if we see you if that's ok? would like to learn more.p.s making a scoop today-brilliant bit of kit !

    1. Hi there Steve, welcome to the wonderful hobby of metal detecting. Sorry I didn't notice you pass me yesterday. Once I've got them headphones on and concentrating on the signals the world could blow up around me and I wouldn't notice. Yes, if you spot me again please do come up for a chat. Great success story there regarding your lost ring, I bet you thought you may never see it again, well found.

      Thanks for the info on the button, I googled it myself after reading your comment and I see what you mean about the 'N' and the 'H'. I'm not sure myself which one it is, hard to make out.
      On my blog in the 'Tips and Tricks' page, if you haven't seen it, are some better pictures of my home made scoop. Works a treat and i wouldn't be without it at Slapton.

      Good luck with your new found hobby and hope some great finds come your way. If you need any help just contact me. There is a great forum on the internet called UK and European Metal Detecting Forum which is free to browse and join if you want to. Lots of people with good knowledge of this hobby and are only to willing to share that knowledge with everyone.
      The link is

      All the best,

  4. hi, thankyou very much for your positive feedback, yep , made a scoop and will be very useful to use (although the brunt of geeky jokes making it in work!), they know me too well- like I am concerned?and they are intrigued also!). love the new hobby and have an affinity with slapton, been there for yrs enjoying it!. like to learn lots more and will check out the forum. cheers,catch you soon
    will look out for you and will get involved in it all and will check out the forum.