Going over old ground with the Velox.

The infant and junior school I used to attend as a kid was pulled down last summer and I was able to get on the flattened site and metal detect the small playing field with my Ace 250 with the standard coil fitted. I found lots of decimal money and quite a few old pennies , half pennies, threepenny bits and bits and pieces. I went over the same area again when I bought my 13" Ultimate coil for my Ace 250 and managed to winkle out some more decimal and old pennies etc.
As I had nothing to do this afternoon I thought why not have another go over the same area with my Velox One, which I did, spent near on 3 hours there. Managed a few more coins which I missed before. Lots of decimal, pennies, half pennies, threepenny bits, even a one shilling.

I would have been happy to have just found a couple of coins, but to have found so many that I missed before I was over the moon. OK, nothing very old there and I never expected it to be as the school was built in the early 1950's. There's loads of trash on this site as you can imagine once being a school, pull tabs, bottle tops, silver paper and broken bits from metal toy cars, so I can only put it down to the recovery speed of the Velox One as to why I missed so much before.

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