Couple of finds from my garden.

This afternoon I watched the introduction DVD that came with my Velox One. I have seen it before but this time around I wanted to watch the discrimination part of it as I have hardly used it. Its surprising what don't sink in the first time. Well, with this info fresh in my head I went out into my garden. Its only small and most of it is lawn. I have done my small garden to death and had a couple of old pennies and halfpennies out of it as well as decimal coins, also had loads of junk.
This time I set about it with iron off and iron disc set at FS. When I had a good sounding signal I put the iron on. If it was still a good signal I pumped the iron disc up to max. If it was still sounding good I dug it. There was lots of signals that I could tell were junk by the iron sound and left them. I dug 4 signals, one was a bit of junk, another that toy car, another was a button and the 4th was a Cyprus coin.
Can't wait to get out and improve on my new discrimination skills now as I was quite impressed with the results today.

The coin is a 5 Mils from Cyprus dated 1975.
The button is Royal Marines Light Infantry.

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