3 Silvers Today.

After my last outing and finding no coins I thought I would try my luck on an old favorite site of mine. Its an open woodland site and I have had a few coins off there before. Arrived there around 10am in glorious sunshine. Set my Velox One up and off i went. Within 5 mins on my second signal i dug an old penny, yes i thought, here we go. After about 3 hours I had a few old pennies, half pennies, even a farthing plus some decimal money.
I found myself at the bottom of the woods near the road when i had a lovely signal and out popped a George V Florin dated 1920. That's it in the first pic. I always wanted to take a pic of a coin in the hole and snapped this one with my phone as it came out in the second spade full.

Then my next signal was only about 5 feet away and out popped the Victoria Sixpence dated 1829. Pretty worn but I don't mind, I love these milled silvers. A few more pennies and half pennies and bits and bobs in the next couple of hours and then i dug the Victoria Shilling dated 1895, a little worn but my best coin of the day. Also found a Hong Kong Dollar dated 1979 which was a bit unusual.

Anyways, after 6 hours of being out i really enjoyed myself. Below is a pic of my total finds.

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  1. Wow, nice finds Dave mate! (Sorry it's late, but not been visiting the blog lately ... Had tonnes of exams lol).