No sign of my control box yet.

Still no sign of my control box. Getting to the stage now where I'm tempted to phone up again. When they had it the second time I sent an email asking for any update on it, but had no reply, so next day I phoned and they said it was on its way to me. That's when it arrived in worse condition then i sent it. You know, I've had better customer service off private ebay sellers selling tat for a couple of quid then i have off this company selling £600 plus detectors. This was my first dealings with this company, i am not impressed.

Something i wanted to say yesterday i forgot about. I was sat in my lounge other evening watching TV, it was still early and the curtains were pulled back. I just happened to glance out the window and saw a chap walk pass my house carrying a metal detector slung over his shoulder. It was an Ace 250, can't miss the yellow. I was thinking if he had just been out detecting and if he found anything as he walked up the road. He stopped just up the road a bit where a car was parked just outside the entrance to our local playing fields. Out of the car jumped two other blokes, they gathered around the boot and took out their metal detectors. I thought to my self are they going to detect on the playing fields?. They was, off they went onto the fields and started detecting. I threw on a pair of trainers and thought I'd pop up and have a nosey.

There they were, detecting away bold as brass, none of them were wearing headphones, you could hear them before you could see them. Maybe i was hoping to bump into one of them, i was curious if they had got permission off the council to detect there. As i passed them i thought to myself how horrible it can be sometimes when your detecting and someone comes up and holds you up by chatting, so i passed on by. Also i had this thought if i did approach them and asked if they had permission they would say to me feck off ya old fart and mind ya own business.

Still think they never had council permission as i know a few detectorists have had a NO when applying for it. I do know they will not find anything old there, best would be modern finds as I'm from around here and that park land where they were detecting is made up ground laid down after the war when the estate was built.

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