My treasure find and best coin.

I've woken up at silly o clock again and thought I'd show off two of my best finds. Both found with my Ace 250 and on pasture. The first pic shows my treasure find, a silver spoon dated 1712. Found on a mate's permission I went too. So if it is declared as treasure and a museum buys it off me it will be a 3 way split, a third for me as finder, a third for me mate as it was his permission and a third to the land owner. Not sure if that's the norm, maybe the land owner is entitled to 50% and me an my mate 25% each. Will sort that out when the time comes, you never know, we might get enough for a set of batteries each. For anyone wondering why this spoon is classed as treasure its because its an artifact with more than 10% precious metal and is over 300 years old. I think its known as a marriage spoon. The top letters on the spoon are the initials of the man and the bottom letters are the initials of the woman. The date of 1712 is the date they got married. The Flo should be able to say if I'm right when I take it up to them next week. Anyways, here's a couple of pics of my first treasure find.

 photo deafaa5e-93a8-42b1-a0b1-f287a9bafd03_zps2e3c77fb.jpg

 photo d3df6862-4262-47dc-a359-d3db7271315c_zpse9258760.jpg

Now for my best coin. Again found on pasture with my Ace 250 and again on my mate's permission. He's going to stop asking me to his permission if this carries on. Its a Charles the Bold silver coin. Date c. 1470. In 1469, following an agreement made between Edward IV and Charles the Bold, these coins were made legal tender in England and remained so for over 60 years afterwards. The Burgundian rulers were seen as friends of the English and this is the main reason that this type of foreign coin was allowed to circulate here. Here's a couple of pics.

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