My first silver Threepence.

Out in a small wooded area today for 3 hours. Glorious day, wall to wall sunshine and quite warm. Mostly dug bullet shells and a few buttons but managed some coins. Decimal and old pennies, but my best find was a silver threepence dated 1922, came out about 4 inches deep, ok, its had a little ding but my first one so I'm pleased with that.
I would have liked to have seen that door knocker in its glory, 'ell did that give off a ding. The broken vase seems it might be pewter, deff some sort of metal but alas, well damaged.

The Velox performed lovely and am getting more confident with it, the recovery speed in amongst the junk is fantastic. The battery is amazing too, still on 3 lights after 2 outings.

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