Decided to keep a blog on my metal detecting experiences.

I know, I got too much time on my hands, but thought it a great idea to keep a blog of my metal detecting experiences. A little introduction from me to kick off with is that I have been metal detecting for about 8 months now. Started off with the Garret Ace 250 and still have it as a back up machine. Found loads with it and for a low priced machine I thought it was great. I upgraded the standard coil on it to the 13" Ultimate coil which made it even better. A little later on as I was really hooked on this hobby I bought an AT Pro... What a mistake, I just couldn't get used to it. I prefered the Ace 250 and went back to using it. Sold the AT Pro after only three months and took a £200 loss on it, but hey ho, it wasn't the machine for me and had to go. Still felt like I wanted a middle/upper end machine and looked about. They all looked too confusing for me. Full of bells and whistles, program this, balance that... 'ell, I'm near on 60  an my brains slowing down. For me it has to be like switch on and go. Well, this new Nokta Velox One just came out, a new machine on the circuit. Watched a few videos on it, read a few things, yup, I wanted one of these. Bought it from Evergreens metal detecting shop on line. It arrived pronto, easy to set up and I was soon out using it. It is what I was looking for, a switch on and go. Ok, I did have to do a couple of ajustments but was easy and I was soon detecting.

Just my luck, after a few hours it developed a fault with the headphone socket so sent it back. I never minded because lots of brand new things have teething probs and I had my trusty Ace 250 to fall back on. A week later I got it back, yes, the headphone socket was fixed but the control box got damaged in transit on the way back to me. One of the feet on the box was broken off and there was something rattling in the control box itself. I'm right on the phone to Evergreens and as expected I had to send it back again. Ok, accidents like this happen and I still have my trusty Ace 250 to fall back on. A week later I got it back, yes the foot was repaired but the rattling noise was still going on inside the control box. I'm right on the phone again to Evergreens and again I had to send it back.

At this moment of typing this blog I'm still waiting for it. Thank God for me trusty Ace 250 that I can still play with till it arrives. Hopefully this time it will be in good working order and I can get out and use it.

Anyways, I've started my blog, pop back, you never know, one time there may be something interesting here as I intend to blog all my metal detecting experiences and pics of finds, in fact, anything to do with my detecting.
Happy Hunting All,

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