Best finds to date.

Thought I'd put up a few pics of my best finds to date. These finds are all from my Ace 250 in 8 months of detecting. Just click pic to enlarge.
This first pic is of my best silver coins, the best of the best being the Charles the Bold hammered c.1470 at bottom left of pic. There are a couple of badly worn hammereds, lots of sixpences and florins.

This next pic shows my best silver and gold artifacts. Nice couple of gold and silver rings there. The spoon on the right is classed as Treasure Trove. It has the date 1712 on it making it just over 300 years old. I have to take it up to the Flo next week. Won't be seeing that spoon again for at least 12 months.

This next pic shows some interesting artifacts.

I'm pleased with all them finds from 8 months detecting. I've got a couple of buckets of finds in my shed but just the run of the mill stuff like copper coins, buttons, odds and ends which I think are not brill, but still history so I like to keep them. The Ace 250 is a brill little machine that does find stuff.
. From now on the pics should be of stuff found with the Nokta Velox One (if ever i get it back working).

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