An interesting afternoon with the Flo.

I had a very interesting afternoon today. I took that silver spoon up to Exeter University where the Devon Finds Liaison Officer is based. I expected to just hand the spoon over, get a receipt, and come home. Wasn't a bit like it. We sat and chatted a bit about the spoon, filled the forms in, she explained to me the procedure and expected time it all may take. Then i was shown some other finds she had there. I handled a couple of pieces of Roman pottery, medieval pottery, some bronze ingots, and a few other bits and pieces. She explained how its not only treasure items she is interested in, but all sorts of other finds as it builds up a picture of the history of the area. Yes, I really enjoyed today and hope to accumulate some finds to pay her another visit.

Oh...and my Velox control box still not arrived.

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  1. The first time i went, we went up the lift to the top floor (Amazing views over Exeter and beyond), got a cuppa, and then we sat for about 2 hours chatting... I learned so, so much that day :)