Managed a silver today, but a grotty one.

g=George II sixpence
George II silver sixpence dated 1743.

Today I was out on our club dig. The finds came slow for everyone as far as I know. But one member did find a silver hammered coin very early into the dig so that encouraged us. I did manage a silver milled coin of George II dated 1743, a silver sixpence. Okay it is pretty worn and a bit bent with a hole in it, but a nice find, silver is silver. My rest of finds were just four grot copper coins, five buttons and a plain shield.
Not a great day findwise, but enjoyable.

metal detecting finds
Total decent finds.
Sunday 3 May 2015.


  1. You still found more in one day than i've found in 3


  2. Those finds will start to come for you Matthew. Just remember the 3p's... Patience, Persistence and Perseverance.