Today's Beach Hunt.

I was going to put gold and silver in the heading but that would have looked too exciting. As you can see I did find some gold and silver at my local beach today, but low value. The gold I found is what looks like a tie pin. Its marked 375 thus making it 9ct. The silver are two coins of George V, a halfcrown and a sixpence, 50% silver. So not exciting but gold and silver all the same.
The rest of my finds were a few bob in decimal coins and a couple of bullets.
Still. an enjoyable few hours in the glorious sunshine.
The gold tie pin a bit bent and buckled.

The George V halfcrown and sixpence in very worn condition.
Tuesday 21 April 2015.


  1. Janner does it again!!

    Well done mate, nice finds.

    Hey, how's about sending some of your good skill+Karma etc etc my way?



    1. lol Matt,,,,If I've got any skill or good karma I can only let you have half of it, I need the other half for myself :)
      Its out there matey...its just a case of walking over it. Keep at it, those finds will come.

  2. Nice finds ! Pre 1920"s silver coins contain .925 silver. Good hunting from Mike. [ aka " The Coinfinder " ]

    1. Cheers Mike. I just missed a pre 1920's silver today and dug a 1921 sixpence, still, 50% silver better than no silver :)
      Happy Hunting.

  3. Some great finds! Great little blog you have going here. :) Bookmarked :P

    1. Many thanks for your comments The Detectorists.
      May I wish you all the best on your new detecting website you are creating. I've had a good look around your new site and it looks very promising indeed.