Back to reality.

Oh well, back to reality, nothing amazing to show but a few finds to keep us interested.

I had a return visit to my Nephew's permission yesterday hoping for some great finds like that Edward III hammered coin I found last time. We concentrated in that same field feeling sure we would hit something amazing, but alas, all that came out were mostly grot coins and buttons. Mind you, I was pleased with one button with a design on which looks well old. Made of copper I've had it ID'd as 18th century.
My Nephew did manage a very worn Queen Victoria silver 3d and just as many grots and buttons as me.

I've just noticed this in my scrap pouch from yesterday I'd forgotten about. What looks like just a large lump of lead is in fact a Palm Guard from the 18th-19th century.
. They are described as a leather worker's cast lead palm guard. One surface is flat and the other is convex with a central circular indentation. The guard would have been wrapped in cloth or held in a pouch and used to force needles through the tough material while protecting the user's palm. The indentation would prevent the needle  from glancing off the surface.

Monday 27 April 2015.

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