You win some, you lose some.

Today's finds: buckle, two grot pennies and three buttons.

Oh well, at least I found something. Out on a club dig today at a farm with quite a few fields and have to say this was one of my worst days detecting ever. I must have walked miles around the edges of the fields, then criss crossing them looking for any hotspots. All to no avail, they just seemed empty and barren apart from iron. Kept at it for six hours until I finally gave up. All I could winkle out is in the pic above.

I know you have to walk over it to find it, but it has to be there in the first place. Often read about some detectorists who have acres and acres of land to detect on say that their land is not producing much. I used to think come on, you must be finding something decent with all that land, well, after today's experience I can relate to it now.

This is the moment I should say never mind, it was a great day out in the fresh air and got some good exercise, but to be honest, I became frustrated, tired and bored. All in all a bad day really and I will just put it down to a bad experience and look forward to the next dig.
Sunday 8 February 2015.

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