Back to reality.

 My finds today. A spoon, fishing weight, a 1945 half penny, a decimal 10p and 20p, and five other coins so far gone not sure what they are.

Oh well!, back to reality. After my last few outings where I had found some interesting finds and even getting into the local paper twice, today's outing has brought me down to earth with a bump. But hey, that's metal detecting, we have to take the rough with the smooth.

After last nights storm my detecting buddy and I had visions of all the sand being stripped from our local beach so we headed there this afternoon with high hopes of a bumper crop. What do we find, looked like more sand had been dumped onto the beach not washed off. Our hopes started to fade as soon as we looked at it, and once we started detecting our hopes just disappeared completely.

We had a go for a couple of hours seeing that we were there, but I knew just how deep this sand was from my experience on this beach back in February of this year. We had a really heavy storm back then that stripped the beach of tons of sand and I had a field day detecting it for just under a week., finding well over 400 coins and six silver rings, plus other nice stuff. See the post I did of this hunt here: *Summery of My One Week Metal Detecting The Beach*.
...Still, I will be keeping an eye out for more storms, its early winter yet and still plenty of time to get my stripped beach back.
Friday 12 December 2014.

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