Bronze Age Arrowhead

Just thought I would share with you this amazing 'eyes only' find made by a fellow club member out on our club dig yesterday. Early research suggests its a barbed and tanged arrowhead with the tip missing (most likely as it probably snapped off on impact having been launched at something or someone).Its also been suggested its definately early to middle Bronze Age; circa 2400-1000B....WOW, what an age.

The identifier of this arrowhead also went on to say,
,,,," If that has been found within a site, then there will undoubtably be more; many more. Hunting in the bronze age was undertaken as group activity, and strategy was important in surrounding and entrapping animals and game. Once caught (wether that was by arrow or not), butchery and or hide extraction would take place on site; with more tools like scrapers and blades".

You can bet the next time we have the opportunity  to hunt this site our eyes will be peeled firmally on the ground.
Monday 20 October 2014.


  1. Stunning find! Craftsmanship at its best.


    1. It sure is a beauty of a find and has made me more aware of what might be laying there on the surface as you walk along waiting for that nice dig-able signal.