Royal Corps of Signals Badge.

Out detecting with my Deus again today using the standard Deus Fast factory program. Spent three hours on the same spot as my last dig, but this time I slowed right down covering the area with a bit of order. Signals were plentiful but after digging lots of trash I decided just to cherry pick and only dug signals over 60 as I was running out of time. Cherry picking isn't so bad really as you can go back again another time and see what was under the easy finds.

As you can see in the picture I dug a nice complete military badge of the Royal Corps of Signals. Never found this one before so a nice addition to my military badge collection. Not a bad silvery naval button there either. That buckle must be the smallest one I have ever found. Dug that lead fishing weight too, no water around for miles so someone must have been practising their casting skills and lost it.

Also there's a George V penny dated 1919, a George VI halfpenny dated 1941, a George V farthing dated 1919 and a George VI thruppeny bit dated 1942.
All in all a pleasant three hours and well worth another visit.
 Thursday 4 September2014.

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