A Roman Hoard from the end of an Empire.

As Roman Hoards are on a few people's minds at the moment I'd thought I'd share this story with you that I have just come across. A great story from the Netherlands showing how metal detectorists and archaeologists can work together.

....Dutch archaeologists have recently completed the rescue excavation of a unique treasure hoard dating to the beginning of the 5th century AD, from a field in Limburg. The hoard partially consists of a combination of gold coins and pieces of silver tableware which had been deliberately cut up (hacksilver).

.... In 1990, a farmer from Echt working in his field picked up two gold coins. However, one of the coins fell out of his hands and despite frantically searching, he couldn’t locate it. At the start of 2014, he took his nephew to the original find spot and using a metal detector they were able to find five more gold coins. The new finds were reported and archaeologists carried out a rescue excavation where they located the pit in which the treasure had originally been placed...

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