Two Silver Sixpences and a nice Silver St. Christopher.

Monday 28 July 2014.

Using the Deus Fast program I managed to winkle out two 1921 silver sixpences today. I call them silver as they both contain 50% silver. Also dug a nice silver St. Christopher that still needs a bit more cleaning. A 1950 two Shilling also came up and one Penny and four halfpennies.
Along with the pre-decimal coins I dug £5.41 in spends to go in my pot.

 Both cleaned up like this with just soap and water. A little worn on the reverse but I'm pleased with them.
I enjoyed the three hours I had detecting today as it was nice to find something half decent at long last.

Found plenty of trash again but slowly clearing it all away to get at the decent stuff. Once its clear of the trash I'll be able to try a deeper program to hopefully find some older stuff.

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